Friday, November 21, 2014

Do our choices matter?

Do our choices matter? Do they affect only us? Have we set our course firmly in the eternal current of the restored gospel?  From time to time I have an image that haunts me. What if that September day, while relaxing on the beach of the Indian Ocean, I had said to my daughter Nellie, “Yes, go ahead. Swim out to the sandbar.” Or if she too had followed my example and had been unable to swim back? What if I had to live life knowing that my example resulted in her being pulled by a riptide out to sea, never to return?  Are the currents we choose to follow important? Do our examples matter?  Heavenly Father has blessed us with the supernal gift of the Holy Ghost to guide our choices. He has promised us inspiration and revelation as we live worthy to receive such. - Elder Larry S. Kacher

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